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Circassian Woman in the Harem

Circassian Woman in the Harem

Artist: Félix Auguste Clément 1826-1888 (French)
Title: Circassienne au harem
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Size: 16.5 x 26 in. (42 x 66 cm)

A part of F.A. Clément's lanor during his long sojourn in Egypt was in painting picutures for the uncle of the Khedive. He was only partially paid for these, and after his return to France instituted a long and costly suit against the old Egyptian voluptuary for the balance. Unfortunately for him the Khedive was deposed and pensioned off in exile, so the poor artist had only his trouble for his pains, for the ruin of Halim Pacha, the uncle, followed his newphew's deposition. One of the last pictures Halim Pacha ordered from him was a portrait of a Circassian slave whom he had bought, but the artist refused to deliver it and took it to France with him, where he finished and sent it to the Salon of 1880. It proved extremely successful, and won the artist much merited credit. "A Cicassian Woman in the Harem"is now in one of the French provincial museums.

Source: Master Paintings of the World Edited by Dupont Vicars P.176

Oriental Woman

Title: Oriental Woman/Femme Orientale
Signed: lower right
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 24.02" x 19.69"

1826 born in Donzère, Drôme, France
1843 entered Beaux-Arts of Lyon and studied with Bonnefond
1848 went to Paris
? studied at the École de Beaux Arts in Paris with Drolling and Eduard Picot
1856 won Prix de Rome
? went to Italy (stayed 4 years) as a pensioner of the State and studied Roman antiquities and history
? Death of Ceasar
? returned to Paris where he became known as a portrait painter and sold his Italian genre pictures
? The Destruction of Babylon
? Morning
1861 received his 1st medal
1862 travelled to Egypt to decorate the palace of Prince Halim
In 1862 he left for Egypt to decorate the palace of Prince Halim to Choubrah near Cairo.
1866 exhibit at the Salon La charrette égyptienne and Une Abyssinienne.
1872 exhibits Products of water and oranges, on the road of Heliopolis in Cairo (Egypt)
1887 settled in Algiers due to health problems
1888 died
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